Established in 2009, with the inaugural 'Bolton's Strongest Man' competition taking place on a school playground with just a handful of competitors, 'SMB Strongman' grew rapidly, year on year, to become one of the biggest amateur championships in the UK and has now become a trusted, fast growing Apparel brand & Amateur Strongman & Strongwoman Organisation.


With 16 super successful events to date, hundreds of clothing sales worldwide and an organisation that continues to grow in popularity and reputation and has hosted hundreds of male and female athletes from all over the UK and abroad and warmly invited thousands of visitors and fans to our hometown of Bolton. We're storming forwards.

Our message and our vision has grown rapidly.

SMB Strongman has now become a UK renowned Strength brand. Ferocious, Bold and Determined.


We've never followed the beaten path, instead choosing to experiment and test new ideas, be different to the rest and push the sport into the limelight that it truly deserves. 


We believe that our efforts over the last 10 years, have inspired hundreds of people and boosted public interest and participation throughout the UK and beyond. 


SMB Strongman represents a determined attitude. A mind set and a total belief that there is 'Always a Way' in sport, training and life.

#SMB 'Always a Way'